1. What is a clan?
A clan is a group of players that band together to compete with other clans in-game for points, rankings, and notoriety.
2 How much does a clan cost?
Creating a clan will cost 5000 Game Points which will be taken directly out of your character account upon creation of a clan. If you do not meet this GP requirement, you will be unable to create a clan. Once a clan is bought, it and all items used on it belongs to the clan as a whole and not just the leader. This means that any items bought for the clan by a leader or lieutenants will remain with that clan; the clan bank, all clan points, ranking, and previous items purchased for the clan will all belong to the clan and even if leadership changes. Once a clan leader is removed by himself or by the GM’s for any reason, he will have no claim to the clan or any items in it.
3. Do I have to be a specific rank before I can create a clan?
Yes. In Cross Fire the player must have a character on their account of rank “Staff Sergeant Level 1” or higher. If you do not meet this rank requirement you will be unable to create a clan.
4. How do I create a Cross Fire clan?
To create a Cross Fire clan, please visit this URL: http://clan.Z8Games.com and click the Cross Fire clan creation option within the menu on the right-hand side of the page. If you meet all of the clan creation requirements (see Questions #2 and #3 above), you will be asked to provide a name for your clan, clan tags, and a small description. If the chosen clan name is available (ie. It is not already in use), then your clan will be created and will be available to use. Clan information and stats are updated once per day.
5. What is the clan Bank?
The clan bank is where members of your clan can donate ZP. Clan Leaders and Lieutenants may then use ZP in the clan bank to upgrade the clan or purchase item packages for members.
6. Can I change my clans name?
You may buy a clan name change card from our web mall using either your own ZP or ZP from clan donations in the clan bank. Feature only available to the clan leader.
7. What is a clan mark and how do I get one?
Clan leaders can buy with ZP or GP a “Clan Mark” which is a logo that the clan will use and that will appear on the clan page and in game on all clan mark enabled items. Clan marks are made up of 3 distinct layers which can be combined to create a unique design that represents your clan.
8. What are the features of a clan page?
The clan page allows you to organize your clan and view all clan members. You can also view your current standing among all other clans, and accept new members. You can also use it to view all the points each member has earned the clan and much more. Features will be continually added and refined within the clan page.
9. How do players join my clan?
When viewing a clan’s profile page, players have the option to submit a request to join that specific clan. The choice to accept a request a player’s to join a clan is made by that clan’s leader or lieutenants from the clan management area.
10.Can players and clan leaders leave a clan at any time?
All clan members have the option to leave a clan at any time. If the leader of a clan leaves, then clan ownership/management will be automatically transferred to that clan’s lieutenant that has the highest clan point contribution.
11.If a clan leader is AFK or Banned for a long period of time can the leadership be transferred?
A clan leader who is away from the game and has not logged in after 60 days will no longer be considered an active Clan Leader. At this point the clan lieutenants, or highest ranking member if no lieutenants are in the clan, may then contact us, we will attempt to contact the leader through a support ticket to confirm they have quit. If no response has been give within 7 days then leadership can then be transferred to the highest ranking lieutenant. In the event that the clan leader is banned, then after 60 days the clan lieutenants, or highest ranking member in clans without lieutenants, may contact us to have the leadership transferred to the highest ranking lieutenant. In either case this can only be done after at least 60 days of the clan leader having quit or being banned.
12. As a clan leader, can I promote members to help me run the clan?
Clan leaders may promote regular members to a lieutenant, allowing them to gain clan managements features such as, accepting members, kicking members, buying some items, and more.



13. Are there any clan limitations?
Clans may only consist of 25 members at this time. Clans are also limited to 2 active lieutenants. Also the number of players the clan leader can kick per day is limited and for clan lieutenants it’s further limited. This is for the clans security and to prevent one person from trying to destroy the clan all in one day.
14. Can I upgrade my clan to remove these limits?
The ability to expand the clan can be gained from items in the web mall which can then expand the member limit to a maximum of 100 members, including lieutenants. Upgrades to the clan will allow more members, lieutenants, and other fun features which are especially useful for larger clans.
15. Will my clan name and members be displayed in-game?
For Cross Fire, clan names are displayed in-game next to your character’s name in the match lobby and other areas. You clan mark will also show up on certain items. Please allow up to 24 hours for all changes to be reflected in game.
16. Can I message my clan members in-game?
Yes, there is a specific clan chat option where you can communicate with all online clan members at the same time.
17. How do I start or accept a clan match?
This feature will be added at a later date.
18. Will all my clan match scores be recorded?
We are currently working on this feature. Clan match scores will be updated on the main clan page following a clan match.
19. What are the clan logs for?
The clan logs are only visible by the clan leader and lieutenants and will list all actions the clan takes in terms of news/message posts, member management, items bought and used for the clan, etc.
20. How are clans ranked?
Clans are ranked by clan points, which are received by clan members who are playing online. For every 500 EXP earned by a clan member one (1) clan point is awarded to that player’s clan. Clan points can also be earned by playing and winning clan matches and through special events and promotions to be announced. At the end of each week, 5% of all clan points will be taken/removed from all clans. Clans will then be ranked according their number of remaining clan points.
21. Will clan members also be ranked within their clan?
Clan members will be able to view their individual contribution to the clan’s overall point ranking under their names. The order of the members in the list is also determined by the clan point contributions done by each member. These are a total number of points contributed to the clan and do not reflect the total amount of clan points a clan has due to the 5% reduction of the clan points each week.
22. Can I transfer my clan to someone else if needed?
The clan leader has the option of promoting a lieutenant within their clan to the clan leader, at which point they will be demoted to a lieutenant automatically. A small GP fee will be charged for the process to the new leader whenever leadership is transferred. A clan leader can also request that the clan be transferred to any lieutenant in the clan he/she chooses via sending in a support ticket as long as the ban is permanent and more than 7 days have passed.
23. If I do not want to have a clan anymore can I disband it?
If for some reason you want to disband your clan, you will be able to through “Clan Options” where you will find a “Disband Clan” link, all clan members will need to be kicked out before the process can continue. Clicking this link will delete the clan from the Cross Fire system. Once you agree to disband your clan upon clicking the button the clan will no longer exist, this action cannot be undone.
24. If I break any serious rules or have a bad name for my clan will it be disbanded?
If the clan breaks any serious rules, has an inappropriate name, or a good number of its members get banned, than the GM’s will be forced to disband the clan forcefully kicking out all its members. The discretion of what qualifies will be up to the GM’s and the decision cannot be revered.
25. : What Characters and Letters are available for Clan Names?
A: You may use any character in the ISO Latin-1 Character Set (the first 256 entries of the unicode character). Some special language characters may not be supported and may show up as ??'s on the clan page.


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